And now, a parade for all Vespa riders !


The SpaItalia 2019 final countdown has started. An event that will gather lovers of transalpine mechanics on the most beautiful circuit in the world, Francorchamps, on Sunday, June 16. The animations will be particularly numerous, both on and off the track, and the DG Sport team has joined forces with specialist Flavio Caramazza for the cherry on top of the cake by setting up a Parade exclusively reserved for ... Vespa!

Two laps on the track of Francorchamps between 11h05 and 11h35, offered to any owner of Vespa duly registered. A unique opportunity to discover Francorchamps under the banner of a brand that since 1946 has largely contributed to shape the history of motorized Italy.

Participating at this Vespa Parade is proposed at the price of 30 euros, and it must be registered on the website This amount entitles you to an entry for one person, a paddock access for the driver and his Vespa, as well as the right to participate in the Parade. For any accompanying person, the entrance and access to the paddock are proposed at the price of 10 euros in presale or 15 euros on site. It will therefore be possible to dual-ride on the same Vespa, as far as the technical capabilities of the machine permit this. But beware of the Raidillon, it climbs ...

Attention, the participants in the Vespa Parade will have to be totally covered (gloves and helmet included).

There you go, on your marks, get set and ... go, to your keyboards for the registration. The organizers hope to gather between 150 and 200 Vespa riders for a Parade totally in line with the spirit of the event. E andiamo!