A contest will define the Queen of cars ... Italian cars of course!


Only the most beautiful cars in history carry the label "made in Italy", that is not a scoop.

In the framework of SpaItalia on Sunday 18 June in Spa-Francorchamps, DG Sport will offer the fans the opportunity to admire a very impressive range of the most beautiful realisations from the Italian automobile industry. But the organisers of SpaItalia give it that little extra by organising a contest that will crown the queen of these "belle machine".

The rules are simple.

This "Best Of Show" is open to all cars - Italian cars of course - that are more than 20 years old.

Between 11h00 and 12h00 and between 13h30 and 15h30, they will parade in front of the stand of Radio Hitalia where a specialised jury will observe them thoroughly and will attribute points.

Finally there will be a ranking and trophies will be awarded to the five most beautiful models. The first three receive a special price : the winner receives an invitation to the Tour of the Tour de Belgique 2017 on Sunday 19 November and her first runner-up will also receive a ticket to this Tour but on Saturday 18 November, the third will receive an invitation to SpaItalia 2018.

The awards of the contest will take place at 4:00 pm.