A 500 developing 580 bhp: Mechanical folly also retains its place at SpaItalia!

What would elegance, class and beauty made in Italy be without a touch of folly? The motorcar is not an exception to the rule as will be clearly demonstrated at SpaItalia.

In fact for the first time the Oemmedi workshops – specialised in the restoration of classics and old engines – will be displaying its craziest creation in Belgium …  Unveiled at the Bologna Motor Show, the port of call for all motorsport enthusiasts, this handcrafted Fiat 500 is powered by a V12 borrowed from… a Lamborghini Murcielago! Power of this 6,2L: 580 bhp!

What got into the Italian team to launch themselves into such a challenge? Who knows … however we can state that the Oemmedi workshops are not exactly novices seeing a Flat6 Porsche and a V8 Ferrari had previously been “shoehorned” into the coachwork of a Fiat 500.

However this Acquapendente “sorcerer” wanted to place the bar even higher and the result is as astonishing as it is explosive! If on the one hand this machine might not deserve the award for elegance and finesse, we let you guess its performance, especially when it comes to acceleration.

To take a closer look at this one of a kind Fiat 500, there is only one place: SpaItalia, this coming 26th and 27th September.