Registrations for SpaItalia are open !

When one mentions Spa-Francorchamps one’s thoughts immediately turn to speed, performance and sporting feats on two and four wheels.

However one has a tendency to forget that this legendary circuit is located in a backdrop of greenery where gentleness, elegance and conviviality also have their place. SpaItalia brings together all these elements by linking them to the Italian way of life, this dolce vita synonymous of gastronomy, good wines, fashion, music, tourism, quite simply beauty.

Taken over last year by the DG Sport team, SpaItalia will celebrate its thirteenth edition on 26th and 27th September 2015. Cars and motorbikes will obviously be topping the bill at SpaItalia, not only in the stands and the paddock but also on the track, and this during the driving sessions, track christenings and the large mass parade (at a reduced pace). It is worth noting that the Ferrari 308 and 328 will have a particular place of honour.

DG Sport offers numerous formulas, allowing everyone to draw up a programme meeting their individual aspirations. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Parade, the possibilities are boundless to make the most of the event in a 100% …..Italian ambiance, of course.

This ambiance will preside over the Serata Italiana, organised on the evening of Saturday 26th and held in the lavish Spa Casino. Meals, wines, musical entertainment, show, everything will be on hand to make this Serata a magical moment!

Registrations for SpaItalia 2015 are now open on the website. All details regarding the participation formulas are available by clicking on the link “participants”.

It is also here that over the coming days further information will be revealed concerning the weekend of the 26h and 27th September, when the Italian flag will be fluttering over Spa-Francorchamps and its region!