Masterpiece !

A first attempt which turned out to be a masterpiece ! SpaItalia, which was cancelled in 2013 by its former organizer, was relaunched this weekend by DG Sport and turned into a masterpiece!

Numbers don't lie. During this weekend - in which we could profit from late summer conditions - more than 15.000 people came to Spa-Francorchamps to experience the Italian atmosphere. SpaItalia was a major success and this was also visible on the roads : traffic jams at all highway exits towards the track !

For this relaunch, DG Sport had chosen to diversify the program by allowing motorcycles, a domain in which the team from Theux is very experienced. Ducati, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and all the major Italian two wheel brands were present in the paddock and on track, with runs that were completely sold out.

Thanks to Alfa Romeo, official partner of the event, the spectators could admire a wide range of exceptional cars that were brought over from the museum in Turin for this occasion. For hours, fans could admire the unique models from car history : the SS 6C Coupe Bertone, the 1750 GTAm, the Navajo's, 33 Stradale, Giulietta SZ “Coda Tronca” and 8C 2300 type Le Mans, all of them were photographed thousands of times by the crowd who fully acknowledged this unique opportunity to see these legendary models.

Many other partners where present the entire weekend in the paddock. Michelin with their Bibendum, Alitalia with a very beautiful Ferrari in the colours of the company, etc.

Top moment of the weekend was without any doubt the different parades allowing the spectators to enjoy the many magnificent Italian models.

To allow the visitors to dive fully into the Italian atmosphere, DG Sport and Licata, the n°1 import of Italian wines in Belgium, offered tastings that were very appreciated, even though the consumption of this divine juice was moderate of course …

In short, SpaItalia 2014, organised by DG Sport for the first time, was a huge success, giving Christian Jupsin and his team already new ideas for the future …