Christine Beckers book signing at SpaItalia

For twenty years, ever since 1966, at a time when motor sports were still very dangerous, Christine Beckers has been a professional rider in all disciplines.

In rally, on track, Paris-Dakar, Nascar or endurance races such as the 24 Hours of Francorchamps and Le Mans, she fought her male opponents with grace and imposed herself in all categories. With five Belgian titles as well as Alfa Romeo golden medals and a special RACB award, she is the rider with the most titles.

With plenty of humour and dignity she describes her memories in a richly illustrated book, and it is not all about cars! She describes her meetings with Enzo Ferrari, Juan Manuel Fangio, Jean Todt, Jacky Stewart, Youri Gagarine, Jean-Claude Killy, Jean-Louis (and Maurice) Trintignant, Pierre Arditi, famous authors, kings, princesses... She also tells a few juicy anecdotes: her bad experiences with her dad, her aversion for mathematics, her accidents at more than 300 km/h with some very surprising outcomes, the adoption of her Brazilian children with the help of Ayrton Senna. Death is also a part of her book, as well as all-conquering love ... an entire life turned into a book.

This exceptional woman will be present at SpaItalia on September 27th and 28th to sign her book « La course ou la vie, itinéraire d’une femme rapide ». An opportunity you cannot miss out on …