The Fiat 500 EVO at SpaItalia

The Fiat 500 EVO project is a programme developed by Felice Gasperoni, scientific journalist at the RTBF. The aim: to convert a small vintage Fiat 500 to 100% electric propulsion.

 How? By replacing the combustion engine and the fuel tank with an electric motor and an electrons’ reservoir…in other words, batteries! Quite a programme to tackle.

Since 2012, four students at the Ecole Polytechnique de l’ULB, studying mechanical engineering and electricity, as part of their graduation work took it in turns to concentrate on this project. Deadline: the 2013-2014 academic year.

This programme is based on the revaluation of an existing industrial heritage (a vintage urban car) and its upgrading to bring it in line with the modern constraints (zero emissions, charging from renewable sources, improving the quality of urban life).

However the main objective of the project was to use the small friendly face of the vintage Fiat 500 to raise public awareness to the issues of sustainable mobility, which passes notably via the zero emission vehicles. The role of the Fiat 500 EVO extends far beyond its realisation as it acts as an educational and awareness tool.

And so in this case it’s goodbye to the crackling noise of those powerful engines to make way for some green energy! And proof, if any is needed, that anything that has a smattering of Made in Italy in it can find its rightful place at the circuit on 27th and 28th September.